This Is Ag! podcast featuring Christopher Ranch Human Resource Director, Richard Plato

Born and raised in Gilroy, CA, the “Garlic Capital of the World”, Richard is proud and humbled to serve the agriculture community in which he grew up in. He joined the Christopher Ranch family in 2007 and now has over 24 years of HR experience. Richard is responsible for providing strategic guidance and leadership for all aspects of human resources and establishing a vision of inclusion and diversity. He holds an MS in Psychology from San Jose State University, a BS in Theology, and a BA in Philosophy from Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit, MI. Please enjoy this conversation.

In this episode, Richard talks about the impact of a mass shooting at the Gilroy Garlic Festival in July 2019 and how the company, Christopher Ranch and UnitedAg were both proactive in providing mental health support for the employees. He also shares his views on the importance of human connection in the workplace and the role of Human Resources. He recounts a recent situation where an employee was struggling and instead of just disciplining her, he took the time to understand her circumstances and help her resolve her issues. He emphasizes the importance of seeing employees as more than just numbers, but as people with stories and experiences.



Source: This is Ag!, 2023