COVID-19 Update: Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, consumption of garlic has increased beyond our forecasted supplies. Because of this, Christopher Ranch will be importing additional garlic from Latin America to cover this increased demand. This will result in some retailers carrying Latin American garlic under the Christopher Ranch brand. We expect to return to offering 100% American garlic at the start of our crop harvest in mid-June 2020.

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Alt text: Garlic Beet Hummus

Garlic Beet Hummus

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Alt text: Garlic Pepper Steak Sandwich

Garlic Pepper Steak Sandwich

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Garlic Bruschetta

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Garlic Shrimp Pasta

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Garlic Tomato Soup

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Don Christopher named 2019 Produce Marketer for All Seasons

ANAHEIM, Calif. - The Packer has named garlic giant Don Christopher the 2019 Produce Marketer for All Seasons. Christopher, 85, who founded of Gilroy, Calif.-based...

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Source: The Packer, October 2019

The markets think the trade war stinks

A lot of people think the trade war with China stinks. But one Bay Area business is breathing easier: Christopher Ranch, the nation’s largest...

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Source: San Francisco Chronicle, May 2019

Third time’s a charm for 41st Garlic Queen

The third time was definitely a charm for proud Gilroy native Kiley Kuwada, who is already enjoying the special moments since being crowned the Garlic...

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Source: Gilroy Dispatch, July 2019